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Paper Lanterns and Fairy Lights

Don S.

Amber is a perfect choice as a wedding officiant. And I do mean perfect. You need look no further than her as she will do everything perfectly from first contact to the completed ceremony.

Cristali A.

Amber is amazing!! She was so patient with me as I changed my mind on the length of the ceremony. She included everything I wanted her to include and her script was just beautiful, it made me emotional every time I read it. She really was the sweetest person. I highly highly recommend her! 💙


Brenda G.

With the pandemic and everything closed, Amber helped make our wedding happen and she was the right person for us. With everything being last minute, Amber still made time for us. She sent us the wedding script to review before the ceremony, and offered to help us with our vows. When Amber performed the ceremony, her voice was so calm and peaceful, that everyone could feel her thoughtfulness and kindness to make the ceremony perfect. I highly recommend Amber to ANYONE looking for a wedding officiant. Honestly, I can’t wait to renew my vows and have Amber be a part of that too. Thank YOU Amber!!! You’re AMAZING and a godsend!!!

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